pretty bird

Hi, I'm Sabachka.  (That means "cute little doggie" in Russian.)  I'm a Congo African Grey parrot.  I hatched on March 18th, l999.

I can fly, I can fly

I love to flap my wings and pretend that I'm flying.  It's my favorite thing to do outside the cage.  Inside the cage my favorite things to do are attack a toy and growl and flap my wings at it in mock fright, or eat broccoli.

Oooh....a toy to chew!

This blue thing looks like a nut.  Maybe I can crack it.

When I get all fluffed up like this, mom thinks I'm so cute that she just wants to squeeze me, but I have a big and very inquisitive beak, and I'm not afraid to use it to remind her that I'm not her squeezy toy.

I've started to realize that sometimes it feels good to have my neck scratched, but I'm a pretty independent bird, and don't much like to be petted.

I have a lot of toys and things inside my cage to keep me busy because I'm very smart, and if I get bored I will start pulling my feathers out (which would not be good!).  I'm not quite speaking English yet, but I do talk a lot.  I imitate the phone quite well, because it's my competition for Mom's attention, but I guess I don't make the sound quite as well as that little black thing, because I don't get the response it does.  I'm a night owl, and hate going to bed.  I love to stay up and watch TV, chew toys, and make noises.


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