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What sets NaturaLight Photography apart?

"Images with Spirit"

What does this mean? Most of us are uncomfortable when a camera is pointed at us, and our true spirit doesn't exactly "shine forth". My style encourages naturalness and genuineness, resulting in photos that illuminate personalities and relationships.

a Flattering Advantage

Angles and lighting make a huge difference in how we look, especially for people who consider themselves "unphotogenic". This, plus my ability to put people at ease, often results in: "these are the best photos we've ever had of ourselves!"

Lighting creates Mood

Available light photography is my specialty--I love the emotional nuances of natural light. If I am using flash, I use a variety of techniques to avoid the two-dimensionality of the typical flat flash lighting.


We can only shoot what we see. Each photographer's compositions reflect their view of life, people and relationships. "Artistic" does not have to mean standoffish or disconnected. I seek out moments that are warm and personal, as well as creative and beautiful.

Professional Attitude

I am very thorough in my planning, asking different questions to find out what you really want. Years of experience have taught me that assumptions can be hazardous! On the job I can then be relaxed and flexible, without sacrificing either my professional demeanor, or the quality of your finished photographs.

Photojournalism....what is it?

There are many ways to tell a story. My goal at a wedding is a balanced coverage: group shots for family history, relationship shots to show the ties that connect people, detail and fashion shots to show the elements of the day into which so much thought has gone, and photojournalism to show action and capture unexpected moments.

lots of backup equipment....

Hopefully it won't be needed, but it's one more factor in the arsenal of a prepared professional.

Personal Attention

When you call or email you will deal directly with me. As a result you will not have to deal with the inevitable errors, due to breakdowns in communication, that occur in a larger organization. I limit the number of events I photograph, so that I have a peak level of creativity to offer to each client. All sample photographs are taken by me, and I personally shoot every job I book.

a "Boutique" Experience

My committment to high quality work and client satisfaction are the things that motivate me even after more than 30 years in this business. One bride said, when she saw her wedding photos, "I didn't interview photographers for our wedding with these kinds of photos in mind, I didn't even know they were possible."

Let's talk about your ideas!

photo of Marybeth