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about Marybeth

The Beginning

In a high school photography class, I first noticed I had a talent for taking photos where the subjects seemed to reach out of the photograph and interact emotionally with the viewer. That fascinated me, and I wanted to see what lay along that path.

I started NaturaLight Photography in 1975, primarily doing children's portraits. I studied at Brooks Institute of Photography after I had been in business for 7 years and realized this was more than a passing fancy. Following that I moved back to Marin County, where I have been in business as a photographer for over 25 years.

Recent Developments

My portrait work has taken a different creative turn in recent years. People often comment that my photographs of them seem personal, an intimate window into their souls. This led to the creation of my "Signature Sessions". I enjoy these as an artistic venture because there is so much room for creativity; but they also seem to cross over into a kind of healing art, which intrigues me.

In 2004 I started pursuing nature photography as a way of doing "Portraits of God". I love seeing the familiar in unfamiliar ways; taking something that has a known beauty and showing another side--the abstract beauty of its lines and colors. Nature's infinite variety and delicate beauty compel me artistically; this fascination has borne fruit in my "NatureScapes" series.

I am also exploring more possibilities in Photoshop. Sometimes through enhancements, an image can transcend being a portrait of a specific individual, and tap into something profoundly universal.

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